Who We Are

UNITY Consortium is a non-profit 501 (c)(3)organization that brings together diverse groups that share a common and passionate interest in adolescent and young adult health with a focus on prevention and immunization. Our members represent public and private organizations, industry, academia, healthcare providers, retailers, and advocacy groups. As one strong voice, Unity Consortium addresses the unique challenges surrounding adolescent and young adult health, prevention and immunization.

Coverage is 90% or greater
for all ACIP-recommended
adolescent vaccines
MISSION: UNITY Consortium, through
action-oriented leadership, innovation and
education will:
adolescent immunization as a central component of preventative adolescent health and as an investment in long-term health.
healthcare providers as advocates that make strong patient-focused recommendations for all ACIP-recommended adolescent vaccines.
parents and adolescents to embrace the value of immunization.
easy access to and timely delivery of all recommended adolescent vaccines.