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THRIVE App Launch
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THRIVE App Launch

New @SAHM app w/support from @Pfizer & @Unity puts health resources in parents’ hands to help teens #stayhealthy http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

#Parents: check out the 1st fully interactive app focused on teen health and wellness http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Want your teens/young adults to start taking ownership of their own health? Get the new #THRIVEapp from SAHM http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Teens may not always be nearby, but w/#THRIVEapp your child’s health & well-being will be @ your fingertips http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Help your #healthykids become #healthyadults. Get tools & resources w/interactive parent app http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

RT if you worry about your teen’s health & safety. Get new #THRIVEapp to help them stay safe http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Talking to Teens

Drinking & drug use figure prominently in incidents of sexual abuse & date rape. Open dialogue w/your teens with #THRIVE http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Teach your teens that asking for help is a sign of #strength http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Still waiting to have that talk w/your teens about sex? There’s an app for that http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Don’t know how to talk to your teens about alcohol or substance use? Check out these conversation starters #THRIVEapp http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Having trouble talking to your teen re: important health topics? The @SAHM #THRIVEapp provides tips, tools, & conversation starters

Talk to your teens about #vaccines-they’re not just for little kids. Use #THRIVEapp to find out more http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

College Focus

College freshman=high school senior without parental supervision. Help them be prepared http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

1,400 college students die in alcohol-related accidents annually. Talk to your kids about #safetyoncampus before they pack their bags http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Kids heading to #college? Find out about recommended #vaccines before they get to campus. http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Get #vaccine info & other teen health resources w/new app from @SAHM http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

#College-bound kids covered under your health insurance? Get more info from @SAHM new teen health app http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Kids packing for #college? Don’t forget a first aid-kit. Use #THRIVEapp for list of other essentials http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Don’t wait till the last minute. Schedule pre-college health exam for kids now. Better yet, encourage them to schedule it http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Are your college-aged kids traveling overseas for #springbreak? Check out #THRIVEapp before they go.  #GetVaccinated!

Adolescent Vaccination

3 in 10 #teens remain unprotected against #meningococcal disease. Are yours one of them? Track teen vaccines, health exams, & more http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Are your teens up to date on #vaccinations?  Learn more w/#THRIVEapp from @SAHM http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Preparing your teens for college? Track progress & get info on health exams, #vaccines, & more w/interactive parent app http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

#Vaccinations aren’t just for babies. Make sure teens/young adults in your life are protected. Download @SAHM health app for parents at http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Teen Dating, Drinking, Risky Behavior

21% of high school girls are physically or sexually assaulted by someone they dated according to @CDC study http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Get help talking to your teens about dating violence w/interactive app from @SAHM http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

E-Cigarette use is on the rise among teens. Get #THRIVEapp for tips on talking to teens about smoking & drinking http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Binge-drinking is widespread on college campuses. Have you talked w/your kids? Download #THRIVEapp to get started http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Shareable Graphics

Parenting Meme Parenting a teen is hard. Get great tips & need to know information on teen health http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App
Text Not speaking the same language as your teens? Get great conversation starters at: http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App
Cartoon Horror Look no further. #THRIVEapp provides tools & resources to ease teen’s healthy transition to adulthood http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App
Brain Having trouble understanding what goes on in your teenager’s brain? The new @SAHM app helps you navigate teen health http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App
Megaphone Having a hard time getting your teenager to listen to you? Time for a new approach. Get the @SAHM #THRIVEapp for parents http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Timely Topics (by month)


Start the new year with an app that helps you help your teens #stayhealthy http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Help keep your family’s healthy resolutions on track. Download interactive parenting app focusing on teen health http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App


Show your teens how much you love them this #Valentine’s Day. Download the #THRIVEapp now http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App


Spring is coming. Are your chicks ready to leave the nest? The #THRIVEapp from @SAHM will help them soar http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Spring is here. Get your ducks in a row with @SAHM interactive app focusing on teen health & wellness http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

April 1 (April Fool’s Day)

We’ve found the secret to parenting teens. #AprilFools-there is no secret but #THRIVEapp can help make things easier http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

April 7 (World Health Day)

It’s #WorldHealthDay–Great day for parents to learn more about #teenhealth. Download #THRIVEapp to get started http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

World Immunization Week

#Vaccines aren’t just for babies. Make sure teens  are #uptodate on #vaccinations. Find out which ones they need http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

April 24 (World Meningitis Day)

#DYK that college students have greater risk of bacterial meningitis infection than general population? Talk to teens about how #vaccination can help protect them http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App


Hepatitis Awareness Month  

Hepatitis B can be spread through sexual contact, body piercings, & tattoo needles. Make sure your teens and young adults are #HepAware http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Mother’s Day

Happy #MothersDay. Here’s a great app for all you #busymoms of teens & young adults http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App


Summer is a great time to catch up on teen health appointments. Track exams, #vaccines, & more with @SAHM app http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

School’s out. Avoid the August rush. Schedule back2school health exams now. Keep track with @SAHM #THRIVEapp http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App


Celebrate your teen’s budding independence. Get the #THRIVEapp to ease transition to adulthood http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Taking a road trip with your teens? Use travel time to talk about health issues. #THRIVEapp will get you started http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App


Preparing your teens for college? Track progress & get info on health exams,# vaccines, & more w/interactive parent app http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

September will be here soon. Make sure your college-bound kids have all necessary #vaccines http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App


School’s back in session. Keep track of your teen’s health throughout the school year with @SAHM teen health & wellness app http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Books, backpacks, and….bacterial #meningitis? Make sure your college kids are protected. Get more teen vaccine info w/#THRIVEapp http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

RT if you worry about your college student’s health & safety on campus. Then get #THRIVEapp to help them stay safe http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App


Send your college student #Halloween care package & reminder to visit the health center for #flu #vaccine. Get more teen health tips w/@SAHM app http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

Parenting a teen can be scary! Get help managing teen health w/#THRIVEapp from @SAHM http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App


College kids home for #Thanksgiving break? Stay connected. Ask questions. Get tips & conversation starters w/ #THRIVEapp from @SAHM http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App


#Parents give yourself a gift: free #THRIVEapp is chock full of parenting resources on teen health http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App

End the year with a bang! Talk to your teens about drinking, drugs, sex, & other risky behaviors. #THRIVEapp can help get you started http://bit.ly/THRIVE-App


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