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Navigating Vaccine Hesitancy

How healthcare providers deliver CONFIDENT, CONCISE and CONSISTENT Vaccine Recommendations for Adolescents.

How Do We Increase Vaccine Confidence During an Office Visit?

Concerns about vaccines are increasing among adolescents and their parents, with many questioning or delaying recommended vaccinations. This increased hesitancy has been attributed to many factors – misinformation and disinformation, increased reliance on unvetted health information from social media and less trust in health institutions to provide timely and accurate health information among others.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called vaccine hesitancy one of the ten leading threats to global health.1

What hasn’t changed is that healthcare professionals are the most influential and trusted source of information in a parent’s decision to vaccinate their adolescent children. The conversation that happens during an office visit, when the parent and adolescent are present with the healthcare professional, provides the best opportunity to address questions and get adolescents vaccinated on time or caught up on recommended vaccines.

Healthcare providers also know that sometimes parents and adolescents resist or object to their vaccine recommendations and these conversations can become challenging for the healthcare professional. The 3Cs program is designed to help address concerns effectively and move adolescents and parents from vaccine hesitancy to vaccine confidence and same-day vaccination.


If your adolescents and parents are asking more questions about vaccines, the 3Cs program is for you. Take steps now to improve how you navigate those conversations to build vaccine confidence.

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Research has shown that certain approaches and tools are effective interventions to secure same-day vaccination and avoid missed opportunities to protect adolescents and young adults.

The 3Cs is a simple, comprehensive communication training initiative that demonstrates how healthcare providers can address common concerns and objections with vaccine recommendations through a variety of frequently seen scenarios. The guidance will help healthcare providers address concerns and help drive toward a decision to vaccinate.

How Will This Help Me?

The free self-guided program features simple techniques you can apply yourself and with your clinical teammates. You’ll see Confident, Concise and Consistent vaccine recommendations, Motivational Interviewing and Shared Clinical Decision-Making “in action.” Also included is a Q&A-style resource guide.

We invite you to access the complete 3Cs program below.


  1. https://www.who.int/news-room/spotlight/ten-threats-to-global-health-in-2019

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