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The Three C's

Consistent, Confident, Concise Recommendations for all ACIP-recommended adolescent vaccines


What is the Initiative?

Unity developed the 3Cs educational program to demonstrate how healthcare providers can deliver confident, concise, and consistent (3Cs) recommendations for vaccines for adolescents ages 11-12 and 16-18, featuring:

  • Presumptive, Bundled Recommendation for Tdap, HPV and MenACWY
  • Shared Clinical Decision-Making Recommendation for MenB Vaccine
  • Motivational Interviewing Techniques for Successful Vaccination Outcome
  • Varying Levels of MenB Vaccine Acceptance by Parent

What are the Benefits?

Healthcare provider recommendations play a central role in the decision for parents and adolescents to vaccinate on time. The 3Cs program helps address these common provider challenges:

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    Parents and adolescents aren’t aware of what vaccines they need

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    Healthcare priorities compete for our attention

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    Parent’s and/or adolescent’s concerns can lead to prolonged discussions

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    Guiding cautious or hesitant parents to good vaccine decisions can be complicated

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    A shared clinical decision making recommendation for MenB vaccine is new for me

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    Responding to common questions about meningococcal vaccines confidently and concisely can be challenging

What is the Goal of The Three C's?

Our Goal is for physician practices to improve the acceptance rate for all CDC/ACIP-recommended vaccines for adolescents. We feature presumptive, bundled and equal recommendations for adolescent vaccines (Tdap, MenACWY, HPV) for well visits at age 11-12. And, since the official U.S. immunization schedule implemented a significant format change in 2017 by creating a stand-alone column for age 16 years, we also feature 16-18 year old visits addressing MenACWY booster vaccination and the shared clinical decision making recommendation for Meningococcal B vaccine.


UNITY Resources

To support strong provider recommendations for adolescent vaccines, the UNITY Consortium has developed the following resources:

Scenarios demonstrate Health Care Provider consistent, confident, and concise recommendations for adolescent vaccines utilizing motivational interview techniques. These presumptive, bundled recommendation vignettes show various scenarios of parental vaccine acceptance at the 11, 12, and 16 year-old well visit.

The Three Cs: Scenarios Featuring Healthcare Provider Vaccine Recommendations at Ages 11 and 12

An overview of the UNITY Consortium (the sponsor of the Three Cs study), reviews current gaps vs. adolescent immunization goals, and provides the rationale for the quality improvement study that focuses on the provider recommendation and applies motivational interviewing principles to the parent-provider conversation.

The Three Cs Background

As a physician, are you having trouble pushing parents to accept vaccinations for their children? This document gives some tips on motivational interviewing for hesitant or refusing parents.

Parental Disposition and Motivational Interviewing for Hesitant or Refusing Parents

Worksheet for customizing the 3Cs approach for your practice: Have confident, concise, and consistent vaccine discussions

Provider Recommendation Video Worksheet

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