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Upcoming Webinar with Dr. Chelsea Clinton

Activating Teens & Young Adults in Vaccine Decisions, Oct. 11 @ 4 p.m. EDT. Dr. Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation, will moderate a discussion with young adult health advocates ready to share the power of engaging adolescents & young adults in their preventive health decisions. Click here to register.

Adolescent Immunization Action Week

April 4-8, 2022

It's time to catch up on missed immunizations

A lot of things got put on hold during the pandemic, including adolescent well visits and immunizations.


UNITY Consortium launched Adolescent Immunization Action Week (April 4th – 8th) to urge parents and healthcare providers to get adolescents up to date on recommended immunizations.


It’s time to protect adolescents from vaccine-preventable diseases including meningitis, tetanus, diphtheria,
whooping cough, and HPV-related cancers. Adolescent immunizations are timed to start protecting adolescents before they are likely to be exposed to serious, potentially life-threatening diseases, so it’s important to get up to date as soon as possible.


Make a call to schedule a well visit and get your adolescent up to date on any missing vaccines.

Take steps now

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    Schedule a well visit

    If your adolescent missed a well visit in the last year due to the pandemic, schedule one now. These visits are important to keep your teen healthy. 

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    Stay up to date on vaccines

    Recommended vaccines may be needed to fully participate in activities such as school sports and extracurriculars.

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    Watch the AIAW webinar

    Check out Unity’s parent webinar, moderated by Dr. Chelsea Clinton, for an engaging discussion about the challenges of prioritizing adolescent immunization and preventive health.  Watch it here.

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    Share information with friends

    Share information with friends and on social media about catching up on missed vaccines. Use the hashtag #AIAW22

Adolescent Immunization Action Week Video

Additionally, watch an informational video from Learning First Alliance here:

What vaccines do adolescents need?

In addition to the COVID-19 vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the following vaccines
for adolescents and young adults.

Consult your healthcare provider to learn more about vaccines your adolescent may need.

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Pandemic Parenting: Prioritizing Adolescent Health and Immunizations

Are your adolescents behind on checkups or recommended immunizations? Are you overwhelmed by all the vaccine information and misinformation circulating online? Watch our webinar, moderated by Dr. Chelsea Clinton, for an open discussion about the challenges of prioritizing adolescent immunization and preventive health during the pandemic and beyond.

Who Should Watch: Parents of adolescents and young adults, pediatric/adolescent healthcare providers, public health and other stakeholders with an interest in adolescent health and immunization.

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