Adolescent Immunization Action Week

April 4-8, 2022

HCP Toolkit

Helping Healthcare Providers Address the Adolescent Immunization Gap

Adolescent immunization rates dropped dramatically during COVID-19, and remain below pre-pandemic levels.


Adolescent Immunization Action Week (AIAW) was created to urge healthcare providers and parents to get adolescents up to date on recommended immunizations.


This toolkit is designed to help you, our valued partners, amplify the AIAW message to healthcare providers, parents, adolescents and young adults. It is a call to action for HCPs to help improve adolescent immunization coverage within their practice.

What Can You Do?

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    Share information about AIAW with your members and constituents

    This toolkit provides ready-to-use graphics and communications materials including a short article about AIAW for use in emails, newsletters or blogs. Share it with your members, partners, and other stakeholders to encourage healthcare providers to take action during AIAW.

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    Encourage healthcare providers to remind and recall parents to schedule visits

    If you are a healthcare provider, contact your parents of adolescents and encourage them to come in for well visits. Click here for a template letter you can use to reach out. 

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    Help drive traffic to the AIAW webpage on the Unity website

    Help us alert more healthcare providers about the need to take action now. Send them to the AIAW Campaign Page for more information.

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    Share content on your social channels with the #AIAW22 hashtag

    Copy and paste the suggested social media posts below or develop your own customized posts. Use the campaign hashtag on your organizational or personal accounts. For more posts, click here

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    Follow Unity on social media, and like and share our content

Campaign Description and Call-to-Action for

Your Communications

Below is language about the purpose of Adolescent Immunization Action Week that you can use in your newsletters, websites and other communications. Please share this information with your members and constituents.

Tools for Healthcare Providers to Reach Parents and Students

If you are a healthcare provider, contact parents of adolescents and encourage them to come in for well visits and vaccinations. Here are resources you can use and customize to reach out to parents of adolescents to ask them to schedule an appointment.

Share Unity's PSA Video

Dynamic 30-second video announcing Adolescent Immunization Action Week and the need to get adolescents up to date on vaccinations

Learn more about Unity’s multi-wave national survey about the impact of COVID-19 on adolescent health and immunization. The fact sheet summarizes learning and provides insight on what you can do to support adolescent health.

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Adolescent Immunization Action Week Social Media

Use these graphics and share them on your social media channels. We have provided suggested posts for you below.

Use the hashtag #AIAW22 to spread the word.

Use these posts on your social media channels

Below are sample posts you can use across your social media channels as well as images for the campaign.

For a complete list of social media posts to support AIAW, click here.

Adolescent Immunization Action Week

Facebook Sample Message:

Adolescent #immunization rates dropped during the pandemic. We’re joining @UnityConsortium to kick off Adolescent Immunization Action Week with a reminder to get adolescents up to date on immunizations. Resources for healthcare providers and parents are available at #AIAW22

Twitter Sample Message

We’re joining @UnityConsortium to kick off Adolescent Immunization Action Week with a reminder to get adolescents up to date on immunizations. Learn more about #AIAW22:

Pandemic Parenting Webinar

Facebook Sample Message:

This Adolescent Immunization Action Week we’re doing our part to make sure our adolescent patients are protected from vaccine-preventable diseases like whooping cough, meningococcal disease, and cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Schedule a visit to make sure your adolescent is up to date on recommended immunizations. Learn more about #AIAW22:

Twitter Sample Message:

It’s Adolescent Immunization Action Week. We’re committed to helping protect #adolescents from vaccine-preventable diseases like meningococcal disease and cancers caused by #HPV. Visit for more info about #AIAW22.

Adolescent Immunization Rates

Sample Facebook Message:

Adolescent well visits and immunization rates declined dramatically during COVID-19. Now is the time to make sure adolescents are caught up on recommended vaccines. During Adolescent Immunization Action Week, join us and @unityconsortium in communicating the importance of adolescent #immunization. Learn how: #AIAW22

Sample Twitter Post:

Adolescent immunization rates declined dramatically during COVID-19. It’s time to get adolescents caught up. Join us and @unityconsortium during Adolescent Immunization Action Week to communicate the importance of adolescent #vaccines: #AIAW22

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Many adolescents missed routine well visits and vaccinations due to COVID-19 (1)
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Right-click on the image to download!

Pandemic Parenting: Prioritizing Adolescent Health and Immunizations

Are your adolescents behind on checkups or recommended immunizations? Are you overwhelmed by all the vaccine information and misinformation circulating online? Watch our webinar, moderated by Dr. Chelsea Clinton, for an open discussion about the challenges of prioritizing adolescent immunization and preventive health during the pandemic and beyond.

Who Should Watch: Parents of adolescents and young adults, pediatric/adolescent healthcare providers, public health and other stakeholders with an interest in adolescent health and immunization.

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AIAW Logos

Right-click on the logos below to download them. Logos can be used on newsletters, websites, and other communications.

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