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The CommUNITY Initiative

A national movement of leading communities taking action to improve adolescent and young adult (AYA) immunization coverage, within the context of preventive healthcare.

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What is CommUNITY?

This national movement is built on a pilot-proven approach that achieves results and builds upon them. CommUNITY is sponsored by Unity™ Consortium, a respected, thought-leading organization comprised of diverse experts focused on adolescent health and immunization.


CommUNITY helps you align your community of stakeholders to achieve agreed-upon goals. Through broad community engagement, we address gaps in AYA immunization coverage and unify communities through a simple, motivational campaign for healthcare providers (HCPs), AYAs and their parents. The goal is to significantly improve immunization rates for all CDC-recommended vaccines for AYAs.

Why Participate?

CommUNITY works! Proven to improve vaccination rates among AYA.
Other benefits to participating organizations include:

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    Receive Resources and Support

    To jumpstart and guide you, UNITY provides a Toolkit with resources and best practices.

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    Engage Your Coalition/Organization Members and Increase Their Commitment

    CommUNITY focuses and activates members around agreed-upon goals.

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    Grow Your Network

    Collaborate with like-minded organizations and experts, share and receive best practices and generate new ideas.

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    Recognize and promote your organization’s achievements

    Activities are featured at national conferences, in publications and through UNITY’s digital/social channels

How Does CommUNITY Work?

Participating coalitions/organizations partner with Unity Consortium. The CommUNITY turnkey toolkit helps you develop and implement YOUR unique plan of action. Coalitions/organizations may:

  • Engage community partners to work together on CommUNITY
  • Set goals
  • Plan activities to achieve goals
  • Implement the activities
  • Measure impact
  • Recognize successes and opportunities for improvement

How Can My Organization Participate?

There is a limited opportunity to participate. Interested organizations must apply to describe their community’s AYA vaccination needs and organizational qualifications and interest.

CommUNITY Resources

Click to contact us about becoming a CommUNITY participant and receiving a CommUNITY toolkit.

CommUNITY Toolkit (available only to CommUNITY participants)