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2022-2023 Mom Advisory Council

A nationwide initiative aimed at educating the decision makers, the Mom Advisory Council leans on moms to help other moms know best.

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What is the Mom Advisory Council?

In a majority of households in the US, mothers are the primary decision makers when it comes to the health and wellness of their children. As a result, UNITY is constantly seeking advice from mothers to help us succeed in our mission to improve adolescent and young adult health.


Participants take part in group phone conversations (teleconference) every 2 – 3 months over a committed one-year period to help UNITY create effective programs and messaging about health information to Mothers across the U.S.

Why Participate?

When so many health decisions are influenced by education and guidance from within the family, it is important that parents, and moms in particular, have access to the best sources of knowledge. Together, through meaningful discussion and collaborative efforts, we aim to:

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    Fully understand moms’ questions, concerns, and challenges

    We want to understand what the "typical" mom thinks and how her experiences impact home life.

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    Craft clear, understandable, and relatable messaging

    We know that not everyone speaks the same language, but finding common ground is key.

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    Create effective communication materials and programs

    Delivery is important, and having the input from those directly involved helps tremendously with acceptance.

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    Identify the best methods and channels for sharing

    In collaborating with like-minded parents, we learn the best practices to ensure a message is received.

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    Ensure a healthy generation of educated adolescents and young adults

    With the right tools, materials, and support network, create a wave of educated young people.

What are the Requirements to Participate?

To achieve the best results, UNITY requires that all participants:

  • Have at least 2 children between the ages of 9-18
  • Have a child that received at least one of the following recommended vaccines: Tdap, HPV, Mening ACWY, or Mening B
  • Have access to a laptop or smartphone
  • Use social media (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) at least once a week
  • Are willing to share their opinions

How Can I Participate?

Help our nation’s adolescents and young adults stay healthy! Fill out our short application to see if you qualify.

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