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Unity® Consortium's vaccine myth-busting podcast

The Truth About Teen Vaccines

UNITY interns explore misconceptions surrounding adolescent and young adult vaccines. In each episode they delve into a commonly held misperception with experts in the field to explore the issues and de-bunk the myths.


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    Addressing Adolescents & Young Adults as a Priority in Preventive Healthcare & Vaccination with Dr. John Santelli, MD

    We understand the importance of preventive healthcare, but how can we make a tangible difference? By involving everyone in the conversation and prioritizing young adult voices. Hear Dr. John Santelli, Professor of Population and Family Health and Pediatrics at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, discuss the various roles adolescents, parents, and healthcare professionals play in improving preventive healthcare, increasing teen vaccination rates, and overcoming barriers to access.

  • 2

    Importance of Adolescent and Young Adult Voices with Dr. Paul Offit

    Many teens don’t know how to find accurate, research-based information on vaccines, making it challenging to discuss and access care. In this special Adolescent Immunization Action Week (AIAW) episode of FACTSinnated, internationally recognized vaccine expert Dr. Paul Offit shares ways to help teens find accurate information and how they can use their voice to be their own best advocate. Tune in as he discusses the importance of empowering young adult voices in decisions about their health.

  • 3

    Healthcare Providers' Role in Combating Vaccine Misinformation with Todd Wolynn, MD (21:26)

    With so much misinformation regarding vaccines for adolescents and young adults, it can be challenging to understand what resources are credible and reliable. Dr. Todd Wolynn discusses combating anti-vaccine supporters, the power of social media, debunking myths about vaccines for adolescents and youth, and protecting and empowering vaccine advocates.

  • 4

    HPV Vaccine for Cancer Prevention with Admiral Rachel Levine, MD (17:55)

    Admiral Rachel Levine, MD, Assistant Secretary for Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, joins us on FACTSinnated to discuss the importance of the HPV vaccine for all adolescents and young adults. Admiral Levine tackles common HPV vaccine misconceptions and reminds us of what this vaccine is really about: to prevent cancer in all individuals.

  • 5

    mRNA: Past, Present, and Future with Dr. Drew Weissman (18:02)

    Have you ever wondered what mRNA vaccines are really all about? In this episode, Unity intern Alex Garcia meets with Dr. Drew Weissman, MD from Penn Medicine. He and Katalin Karikó, PhD developed mRNA and having been discovering new ways of using this technology to treat disease. Listen in as Dr. Weissman debunks some common myths and tells us more about mRNA - past, present, and future.

  • 6

    Vaccine Hesitancy with Dr. Heidi Larson (20:11)

    Unity welcomes you back with a new episode on vaccine hesitancy. Unity intern Alex Garcia speaks with Heidi Larson, Ph.D about her experience working on vaccine confidence, work at The Vaccine Confidence Project, and her book Stuck: How Vaccines Start - and Why They Don't Go Away

  • 7

    Combating Vaccine Hesitancy in the Black Community with Dr. Tamera Coyne-Beasley (22:04)

    We discuss the events of the Tuskegee Syphilis study and the resulting impacts it has had on the Black community. Expert Dr. Tamera Coyne-Beasley joins the discussion and shares her insights on effective methods to combat hesitancy and distrust.   

  • 8

    Debunking Myths about Vaccinating Adolescents and Young Adults with Teen, Kelly Danielpour (11:34)

    There is a lot of misinformation about vaccinations on the Internet, especially on sites like Reddit. Kelly Danielpour started VaxTeen which is specifically aimed at advocating for teen’s rights when it comes to vaccine information. Kelly talks about the importance of being immunized and what steps teens can take to fight against vaccine misinformation.

  • 9

    Debunking the COVID-19 Vaccine with Dr. L.J Tan (16:55)

    The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc during 2020. However, there is hope as both Pfizer and Moderna roll out their COVID-19 Vaccine. Dr. L.J Tan comes on the podcast to discuss how these vaccines were created and why they are safe and effective for all populations.

  • 10

    Debunking Teen Vaccines with with Ethan Lindenberger (21:49)

    Measles was declared an eliminated disease in 2000. However, periodically there have been outbreaks among U.S. school children as more and more parents are not vaccinating their kids, citing autism and brain damage concerns. Ethan Lindenberger joins the podcast to discuss his own experience getting the measles vaccine against his mother’s wishes.

  • 11

    Debunking myths about HPV vaccine with Dr. Paul Offit (19:55)

    Some parents do not believe their children should get the HPV vaccine. Their reasons differ, but as an example, some parents object to vaccinating their 11 year old (recommended timing for vaccination) because HPV is spread through sexual contact, and their children are not sexually active. We discuss reasons to vaccinate against HPV with an expert in the field, Dr. Paul Offit, including recommended timing and dosing and circulating myths.

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