How to Prepare for #AIAW24: A Go-To Guide for Teens

Adolescent Immunization Action Week (AIAW) 2024 is rapidly approaching, April 1 – 5, and this week is all about you and your health. As a young adult myself, I want to take a moment to share the importance of taking steps to prevent serious illness through immunization. Now only two weeks away, AIAW is a week of action with the goal of motivating you and your friends to stay up to date on all your recommended vaccines. Being vaccinated means we can spend less time being sick and more time doing what we love, and AIAW gives us the information and tools to do just that. So, make sure that preventative health is at the top of your bucket list this spring season.  

Unity accomplished a lot during AIAW 2023, reaching over 69 million teens, parents, and healthcare providers through the support of Unity’s members and partners. This year, #AIAW24 is another chance for us to enter the spotlight and reach even new heights. Read on to learn why AIAW is important for our preventive health and how you can get involved.  

What’s in store for #AIAW24? 

AIAW 2024 will focus on key messages about supporting increased vaccination for adolescents and young adults. For AIAW, we encourage everyone to Stay on TASK with vaccination. TASK stands for four key things to remember for vaccination: 

  • TRUST good resources 
  • ASK questions 
  • SCHEDULE an appointment 
  • KNOW where to get vaccinated 

We also have a Spanish-language adaption called CLAVE that helps convey the same message. Find Spanish language materials for AIAW24 on our En Español page. 


Each day during AIAW, Unity will feature events centered around a daily theme. Get excited because there’s a lot you can get involved with! The first day of AIAW (Monday) is focused on Staying on TASK. Then each subsequent day, we will take a deeper dive into the components of TASK. We encourage you to engage with these events and share with family and friends to learn more about the importance of adolescent immunization.  

  • Monday 12pm-1pm ET Stay on TASK, AIAW Kickoff – Social Media Takeover: Join us in flooding social media with positive vaccine messaging! Resources and graphics can be found in the toolkit, linked here (password: unity, all lowercase). I, as well as you, know how powerful social media can be, and as young people we have the capacity to take charge and share important messaging with friends and family.  
  • Tuesday 12pm-1pm ET Trust Good Resources – Unity is excited and honored to host a webinar moderated by Dr. Chelsea Clinton. This is a great opportunity to tune in and learn about new trends in vaccination with perspectives from medical professionals to parents on social media norms of vaccination. We encourage you and your parents to attend to spark important vaccination discussions.  
  • Wednesday Instagram Live Released! Ask Questions – This event is a chance to hear from teens just like you! Join us for “Let’s Chat: Young Adults as Vaccine Advocates to be released on-demand Wednesday, April 3rd featuring young adult panelists and moderated by pediatrician Dr. Jeb Teichman. Our young adult panelists will discuss the importance of staying on TASK with vaccination, increasing media literacy, and advocating for immunization to protect the health of young people. This event is co-sponsored by Unity, Families Fighting Flu, Teens for Vaccines, and Voices for Vaccines. 
  • Thursday Schedule an Appointment – Unity will release an exciting new episode of our young adult led podcast, FACTSinnated. I sat down with Dr. Andrea Love, immunologist and biologist, and an incredible podcaster herself, to discuss the importance of vaccination as a preventative health tool in protecting us and our communities. She shared some awesome insights that are sure to inspire you as a young advocate! 
  • Friday Know where to get vaccinated – Use the resources shared throughout #AIAW24 to follow up with your healthcare provider, local pharmacy/clinic, or other vaccine provider to find out what vaccines are available for you and where to get them.  

How can you get involved? 

AIAW is a week that includes everyone and has a specific focus on you as teens and young adults.  

Get in Touch with Your Healthcare Provider 

AIAW serves as an opportunity for you to get in touch with your provider. Take this opportunity to learn from them to make decisions about your health. As our most trusted source of vaccine information, let them be your guide in making the best decisions to keep you healthy.   

Talk to Your Parent/Caregiver 

AIAW is a time to empower young people, and you are your own best advocate! Let AIAW spark important conversations surrounding vaccination with your parent/caregiver to contact your provider and schedule your next appointment. Take the time to review your immunization records with your parent/caregiver and healthcare provider as they can help you make informed decisions when it comes to your health. We want you to feel confident that you, along with your peers, are supporting a path of life-long health through vaccination.  

Share and Advocate 

AIAW can also be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to engage in vaccine advocacy. Share with friends and family what you’ve learned about staying on TASK to trust good resources, ask questions, schedule a vaccination appointment, and know where to get vaccinated.  

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Madeline McNee

Madeline McNee

Madeline is an Outreach and Development Intern with Unity® Consortium. She is responsible for supporting the execution and development of key initiatives and strengthening relationships with contributing organizations.

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